Decentralized Liquidity Infrastructure

Earn smart yields on diverse assets within a security-first framework.

A liquidity-driven ecosystem

Solv V3 connects on-chain entities with 15,000+ individual and institutional investors in a liquidity network that boasts security, diversity, and flexibility.


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Expanding the bounds of DeFi

Decentralized at its core.
Invest in diverse, professionally managed assets in the most secure and visualized way.

Asset Diversity

Asset Diversity

A wide selection of yield-bearing assets, from fixed income to higher returns. Managed by asset managers with proven track records.

Custody Solutions

Custody Solutions

Integrating the leading digital asset custody solutions. Powered by smart contracts and secured by multi-signature operations.

Fully Visualized

Fully Visualized

Track PnL and NAV in real time from a fully visualized dashboard. Verifiable performance history of asset managers.

Smart yields for everyone

Hands-off investing with 15,000+ ecosystem LPs with varying personal goals,
timeframe, and risk tolerance.

Fixed-Income Products

Fixed-Income Products


Guaranteed principal and APR on assets deployed to market-neutral trading strategies.

Industry-grade custody solutions and visualized PnL & NAV.

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Structured Products

Structured Products


Invest in market-linked derivatives for potentially higher yields. Suited for investors with varying market views.

Industry-grade custody solutions and visualized PnL & NAV.

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Index-Linked Products

Index-Linked Products


Track a basket of diversified underlying assets across all sectors and earn enhanced risk-adjusted returns above cap-weighted indices.

Industry-grade custody solutions and visualized PnL & NAV.

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Made for liquidity-seeking on-chain entities.

Build, issue, clear, and settle liquidity products. All in one stop.

Apply in

2 minutes

Get liquidity as fast as

1 week


Competitive Rates

Raise between

$200M in any assets

How does it work?

4 steps to get the liquidity you need in as little as 7 days.

Apply & onboard.

Complete the Application Form and get contacted within 2 calendar days to complete KYC/AML for onboarding.

Create a product.

Once approved, create and mint an SFT representing the pool in a no-code front end. This step is very similar to minting a jpeg NFT.

Distribute the product.

Distribute the SFT through Solv or an underwriter and receive liquidity.

Maximize income.

Leverage the proceeds for income, and pay yields to LPs over time or when the SFT is settled.


1. How does getting liquidity with Solv V3 work?

Solv V3 is a decentralized liquidity infrastructure for ERC-3525 Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFTs) that enables crypto native institutions, such as market makers, VCs, and DAOs, to bootstrap liquidity, exercise various trading strategies, or fund operations. As a DeFi and zero-trust architecture, Solv allows on-chain entities seeking liquidity to build SFT-wrapped financial products in a way that delivers the highest standards of integrity and accountability that are essential to the blockchain economy.

2. How strong is your distribution network?

With a TVL (Total Value Locked) nearing $100 million, investors confidently purchase products available on Solv V3 thanks to the industry-grade risk capabilities of ERC-3525 Semi Fungible Tokens (SFTs), smart contracts, and multi-sig operations.

3. How does Solv qualify an issuer at Solv V3?

Our underwriters evaluate the creditworthiness and assets of the potential issuer for approval. Once approved, the applicant can implement further credit enhancements via our dApp to enhance their credit profile and increase investor confidence.

4. How long does it take to complete the due diligence process and get a product issued?

An applicant seeking to issue a product on Solv V3 must complete due diligence listed as fast as seven days. For requests to customize a financing product using the SFT, the due diligence can be completed within seven days but the listing depends on the complexity of the request.

5. How does Solv manage counterparty risk?

Solv’s optionality for multi-dimensional credit enhancement ensures that assets are collateralized and custodied with a trusted, third-party service to ensure the proper use of funds. Trust is transparent as the asset issuer’s reputation (e.g. performance history) is captured via on-chain transaction records.

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Learn about the Solv technology


Semi-Fungible Token

A final Ethereum token standard, ERC-3525 Semi-Fungible Token is general-purpose, omni-chain token standard developed by the Solv team that allows users to create and trade a wide range of simple or complex financial instruments with ease.

SFTs empower Solv V3 with rich visualization, transferability, and customization capabilities essential to serving the demands of the complex markets for liquidity.

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Decentralized Liquidity Infrastructure

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